1915, 4 April, born in Vienna (Austria)


1949   individual exhibition on behalf of the reopening auf the partly reconstructed building of Vienna Secession; inaugural address by Josef Hoffmann


from 1949 various travels to Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, England, the USA etc.


1950 and 1954 participations in the Biennale di Venezia (Venice, Italy)


1954 individual exhibition in the Secession building, Vienna (more than 100 works of art; inaugural address by Albert Paris Gütersloh)


1957 Birth of daughter Martina


1959 presentation of the tapestry „State treaty“ (design by Hans Robert Pippal) to President Eisenhower in the White House in Washington DC: Austria’s gratitude to the USA for the signing of the Austrian State treaty in 1955


1967 – 88 realisation of many works in the domain of applied arts in various techniques as mosaic, cupper-driving, enamel, textile etc.


unbowed intensity of work until his dead November 6, 1998, in Vienna

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